Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Reversal of the Heart" character designs (old)

From way back in Spring 2010. The designs ended up being pretty rushed, since I really just wanted to start animating. As a result, some things ended up changing along the way, although I kept to the designs pretty well.

See the finished film here ~ LINK ~

Character lineup

There is no way the Prince's head could fit into the Knight's helmet, but I kept the design because I liked it.

References for the Knight's design

The Apprentice/Wizard's design changed the most throughout, mostly during production. In the end I made him loopier, with less angles, and his outfit was a bit different.

The Hopgoblin's design also changed a bit as I went along, mostly in color design. He was may favorite to design and animate.

References for the design of the various settings in the film. Early on in the pre-production phase I didn't have any backgrounds or concept art for the settings, so I used a lot of pictures from various artbooks (Tales from Earthsea, Mulan, and How To Train Your Dragon).


  1. I have a question. Did you ever give any of the characters in Reversal of the Heart names? Beyond just being "The Prince", "The Princess", or "The Apprentice", I mean.
    Awesome work, by the way. My sisters and I absolutely love the film.
    Thanks! ^_^

  2. Reversal of the Heart (Dreamworks Version) DVD